Kabaddi is a very inexpensive game. It does not even require huge court area, as in, hockey, football, golf, cricket etc. Other than human body, no other gadgets, in the form of bat or ball or gloves or stumps and, or, nets is required to play the game. This game is extremely popular in the villages and small towns in India.  With very minor changes, Kabaddi is played throughout Asia. The game is physically demanding. Kabaddi is quite new to the other parts of the world. . Kabaddi is one of the rare sports which does not require a single gadget to play not even a ball required for football games

The Court: 

The Kabaddi court measures 12.5 * 10 meters with a dividing line in between making it into identical halves denoting 2 teams’ actual playing area. 


Normally the game is played outdoors and the entire court is dug at least 1 foot deep. They remove the mud and fill it with nice river or beach sand. This ensures that the player is not seriously injured if he falls or dragged by opponents. A miniscule, play the game in a court made up of artificial turf (like Astroturf) laid over land surface. 

Dress Code: 

No loose fitted dress is allowed. Only a short and a vest (in some cases tight fitting colorless T-shirts are allowed) is considered proper dress for the game. 


Though each team can have a total of 12 players, only 7 are allowed into the playing arena. The balance 5 players will sit out as “. During the course of the play, only the ‘leader’ of the team can speak to his players. No other player is allowed to instruct, command, share or generally speak to any other player. 

Play Duration: 

There shall be two halves of 20 minutes duration. In the case of ladies or children’s kabaddi, there shall be two halves of 15 minutes duration each. Once the first half is over, the teams are entitled to a rest of 5 minutes. 

The Winner: 

The team that scores the most points when the game ends, is declared the winner. In the event of a ‘Tie’ there shall be two 5 minutes duration of play. Even after (20+20+5+5) 50 minutes of play, if still there is a tie, the team that scored first shall be declared the winner.